here we are 2023

If 2022 felt like a sunday, 2023 is definatly a monday!
Fresh, new beginings, projects and work starting, slowly, to come back.

The year started of with some classical music, mixes for the Danish composer and teacher Daniel Fladmose, who had a project that he needed help finnishing.
Jon Hill HAd a new EP that he wanted to have mixed, and Tabare Rios had an idea to make a video album, a live recording video taped, and we agreed that my new garage would be a perfect spot to record in.
Yes new garage, for an authentic garage rock sound, part of the new creative space/house here in Barcelona.
Almost done with the install, new 40msq recording room is functioning.


Pristine and I was back on the road in April!
HentrenamientoH has developed a workshop concept: lyrical writing and the history of HipHop in Spanish! (link is to a french School)

Super excited to see what tuesday will bring.