4 Tempi

Recording, mixing & Mastering

The international flute quartet 4 tempi highlights its cultural and musical diversity in this recording.

We set up in this beautiful wooden church on an island outside of Norways oldest town, Tønsberg. And spent some five days recording.

I had a fairly norma setup, my 2247LEs in blümlein as the main pick-up the ACM-310 as a far pair and another couple of ambient microphones captured the performances. Special shout out to my oktava mk219 that did vocal duties on "Air de Minette"

The program we recorded for the CD named "the Four Reasons" has a  piece originating from each of  the players respective home countries: Joseph Jongen  (Belgium), Michio Miyagi (Japan), Jacques Offenbach og Eugène Bozza  (France) and Trygve Madsen (Norway).

With a special bonus-track from Argentina to honour the musical directors ancestry.

4 tempi - 4 reasons