The First Guitar Concertos

After finnishing the François de Fossa project Runar went on to study more early guitar music. And he made a concert program with 3 guitar concerts.

"The first guitar known guitar concerts".

I was asked to record the the first concert that this group had of this material and Runar did the editing of the video.

I love the DIY aspect of music making even in a tradition burdened with "leave it to the pro's" in the box thinking...

Ultimatly leading to projects not being relaized.

This was recorded in Tønsberg at the pure-classic musicfest

Being a busy guy only two videos are avaialable on youTube thus far. One of the concert proper and one from the general rehearsal.

Masterpieces (A Guitar Recital)
Runar Kjeldsberg plays François De Fossa
Letters of Last Resort
Duetto Concertante

the First Guitar Concertos